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Auto Inspections - Years of Experience

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Nobody likes to be hassled by state safety and emissions inspections. But when you stop by Superior Auto repair for our auto inspections services, you’ll be in and out and back to your business as quickly and pleasantly as possible. That’s because we’re Malden’s number one auto inspections garage.

Cleaner air and safer roads are good for everyone. To that end, Massachusetts requires certain annual auto inspections to ensure that highly polluting vehicles are kept off our state’s roads. The commonwealth has been performing safety inspections for more than 60 years, and emissions inspections for more than 30. In 1983, we became one of the first states in the nation to mandate emissions testing.

All vehicles driven on our state’s roads must pass an annual safety inspection. All vehicles manufactured after 1999 and vehicles with onboard diagnostic systems must pass an annual emission inspection. Superior Auto Repair offers all state auto inspections, and we perform them faster and cheaper than just about anyone.

Stay safe and legal on Massachusetts’ roads by choosing Superior Auto Repair for all your auto inspections. You’ll get the same expert service you’ve come to expect from us for your foreign and domestic auto repairs. Call us or stop on in today!